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"What good is this sparkling wit if nobody freaking gets it?"-ReV 142

Chandler Tsonda

ReVolution 250

Can you believe it?

Two. Hundred. And. Fifty.

We understand. It's hard to believe. Two-hundred and fifty ReVolutions. It's a milestone. A bitter-sweet number to reach as PRIME continues its ride into the sunset. So we ask that you try...

Opening Bout
Thug Roc vs. Johnny Noble vs. ???
Try to believe a forty-two year old Thug Roc and a near-sixty year old Johnny Noble, climbing into the ring against an unknown competitor, back from the past, and in their advanced age ready as ever to tear the roof off the Verizon Center in the opening bout.

Roxy Phoenix & Tony "The Grin" Gamble vs. Troy Douglas & ???
"Intense vs. Five-Star" Tag Match
Try to believe past champions. Five-Star. Intense. The Sofia Spitfire and The Grin, representing the Five-Star belt against Megatron and a former champion yet to be named, standing for the Intense.

Tyler Rayne vs. Dusk
Try to believe in the spectacle. In the show. In the bright lights and the crowd chanting your name. Believe in the Golden Boy as he makes his way through the arena crowd to face Dusk. Believe in The Lost Soul, waiting for Rayne to enter the ring, waiting to put on one hell of a show.

Tchu vs. Clyde Walkins
Rematch of the Upset of the Century
Try to believe in the underdog. Believe in Clyde Walkins upsetting the Wrecking Ball all those years ago. Believe in him doing it again at ReVolution 250. Believe in the Inhuman Being. Believe in him proving otherwise, and showing the world why he's the only three-time Universal Champion.

Main Event
Wade Elliott vs. Hessian
Try to believe in standing tall. Believe that The Bad Dog will accept Tyler Rayne's offer and face off against The Murder Show in the Main Event. And if he does, try to believe the 'Bama Bruiser will walk out of this one alive.

We know, it's a tall order, but if you can believe all that, good.

Because you won't believe it when you see it.

PRIME ReVolution 250

PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!