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"If you can't tell the difference from your dreams and waking mind, what are the odds on deciphering your ass from a hole in the ground?"

Lindsay Troy


This section is dedicated to all those who have basically contributed something to PRIME and deserve acknowledgement.

The grandfather of PRIME, he brought it all to this point and helped create the massive machine you see before you. Enough can never be said about him and all that he's done. He's PRIME royalty.

In addition to all his hard work at PTC, Ross has been instrumental in getting our site looking the way it does. His AMAZING backstage script makes it painless to manage the fed, and without the script we might not have survived all the fedhead transitions from 2006 on. He was also tremendously helpful during the creative redesign of the site, setting us up with all the buttons and levers we needed to revamp the look, and being kind enough to port over the code for the current incarnation of the PRIME website.

Mat Waters and David Owen
PRIME would like to thank Mat Waters and David Owen for their tremendous poser work throughout the years. They are far and away two of the best in the game.

Dan Sackett
Many of the most recent posers on the website were made by Dan Sackett. Both the PRIME staff and the PRIME roster are grateful and appreciative of Dan's hard work and efforts to provide us with fresh and stylish artwork.


Chris (Nova) & Matt (Tchu)
The two of them teamed up to make our new title histories comprehensive, informative and just generally awesome.

Along with the two Mat(t)s above, he was one of our leaders in the post-Sebastian era. He helped bring PRIME through one of its hottest stretches, the lead-up to Colossus III and beyond, and the structures and foundation he put in place during that time are still built upon today.

Kris Barton
After having the same website layout since Pete took over for Sebs in 2006, Kris was the driving force behind PRIME's new layout after two previous webmasters could not see the design process through until the end. The current PRIME BC cannot thank Kris enough for all of the hard work he put into what was a massive overhaul of the website. Our roster certainly appreciates his hard work and is thrilled with the new design.

Russ "Hustle" Harder
PRIME would like to thank Russ for conceptualizing and designing our Universal Title, 5 Star Title, and Intense Title belt images. Russ was given free reign to produce images in his own unique style and image. Thanks, Russ!

Pretty Much Everyone Else + Basically credit to everyone who has taken the time to contribute something to PRIME. The BC cannot do this all on our own. so extra help is essential and for the most part it's forthcoming... in a lot of cases consistently from the same people. If you've ever been a part of PRIME or done anything to help make this place what it is... pat yourself on the back.


Where's the fun in easy?
By: Katt Wylde
Location: Tokyo
Date: Post-Collossus - Many Months Later
The Deal with the Deadline
By: Hessian
Location: @ Colossus vs. ???
Date: Colossus
Crisis on Alternate Earths
By: Tyler Rayne
Location: There and Here
Date: Colossus
Where the Road Ends (Singles Match vs. Tyler Rayne, Colossus VIII)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: From Chicago to Cambridge
Date: Fall, 2012
The Re-Build (Tag Team Match with Chandler Tsonda vs. Tyler Nelson & Devin Shakur, ReVolution: The Last Stand)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: Phoenix, DC, Massachusetts, and all places in-between
Date: From 248 to The Last Stand
PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!