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"Check with Hova, friend - I'm not a businessman, I'm a business, man. All that time off gave me the opportunity to pursue some marketing opportunities and icon development. I'm a global brand, ya'll."-ReV 133

Chandler Tsonda

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Title Posted By Date
PRIME Announces Additional Show for Farewell Tour Thomas C. Robinson 4 Sep 2012
Location Information for ReVolutions 249/250 and Colossus VIII Released Thomas C. Robinson 8 Jul 2012
Location Information for ReVolution 248 Released Thomas C. Robinson 21 Jun 2012
SHAKUR AND TZU SPLIT! Thomas C. Robinson 2 May 2012
The Hessman Cometh Thomas C. Robinson 28 Apr 2012
PRIME Officialy Sold Thomas C. Robinson 10 Apr 2012
Rumors Spreading Quick Thomas C. Robinson 5 Apr 2012
The Return of PRIME? Thomas C. Robinson 4 Apr 2012



Where's the fun in easy?
By: Katt Wylde
Location: Tokyo
Date: Post-Collossus - Many Months Later
The Deal with the Deadline
By: Hessian
Location: @ Colossus vs. ???
Date: Colossus
Crisis on Alternate Earths
By: Tyler Rayne
Location: There and Here
Date: Colossus
Where the Road Ends (Singles Match vs. Tyler Rayne, Colossus VIII)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: From Chicago to Cambridge
Date: Fall, 2012
The Re-Build (Tag Team Match with Chandler Tsonda vs. Tyler Nelson & Devin Shakur, ReVolution: The Last Stand)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: Phoenix, DC, Massachusetts, and all places in-between
Date: From 248 to The Last Stand
PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!