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"I don't know what kind of number your mother did on you as a child, but I'm guessing it was so good that Dick Clark had a teen introduce it on a dance floor one week."

Lindsay Troy

Records & Superlatives

The current records outstanding in PRIME.

Longest Title Reign
Vangelus Olsig held the Intense Championship for an amazing total of 361 days before finally being defeated by Nova at ReVolution 101.

First Superstar To Break The Global Title Curse
Ignatius Lisieux managed to break the Global Title Curse by successfully defending the belt against Joey Troy at ReVolution 29. Prior to this no Global Champion had ever successfully defended the Global Title against a challenger since PRIME was founded in June 2003.

The Colossus Curse Breaker
At Colossus IV, Lindsay Troy broke the Colossus Curse by successfully defending the Universal Title against Sonny Silver. No Universal Champion prior to Troy had been able to retain the belt at PRIME's biggest pay-per-view of the year.

Most Titles Held
Killean Sirrajin has held the most with a total of six separate title reigns
2 Universal Championships
2 Intense Championships
1 5-Star Championship
1 Alias Championship

Longest Match
The Dual Halo Match at Culture Shock '08, and the Dual Halo Match at Culture Shock '09, standing at 2 hours and 40 minutes.

Longest Amount Of Time Wrestled By One Superstar
Wade Elliott at Culture Shock 2008 spent 2 hours and 16 minutes competing in the Dual Halo match before being eliminated by Crucifix.

Longest Undefeated Streak
In 2009, Chainz went on an 11 match win streak before losing to Brandon Youngblood in the semi-finals of the '09 Jewel in the Crown tournament. Before him, both Rock Startling and Karina Wolfenden had 10 match win streaks before losing to Tony Rolo and Killean Sirrajin respectively.

Largest Attendance
70'864 fans watched Colossus LIVE in the Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans.

Most Wins In A Single Night
Ian English defeated Zyfloi, Rock Startling and Steve Starr at King Of Kings 2003.

Superstar Who Won A Title In The Least Amount Of Matches
Nova won the 5-Star Title on ReVolution 50 in only his second match with PRIME: a four-way Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against Tyler Lopez, Ozric Mortimer and Joshua Taro Freedom. Cozen won the Universal Title in only her second match in PRIME, having debuted in the 2008 Dual Halo and taking second place, which guaranteed her a Universal Title shot.

Most Cameos Made By A Non-PRIME Superstar
Former PCW superstar Unstoppable Eugene has appeared in PRIME a total of six times, competing in two matches. One against Emilio Rage at The Great American Nightmare over the rights to Mr Bojangles and the other an appearance in the Dual Halo match at Culture Shock 2005.

Most Influencial Religious Icon In PRIME
As the "other" son of God, Hoyt Williams has tried to inspire and educate mankind on morality, giving guidance throughout his PRIME career.

Only Superstar To Be Abducted By Aliens
Tony Zatarok at Colossus on July 11th 2004.

First Ever PRIME Champion
Mark Blaze became the first superstar to hold a title belt on ReVolution 3 by winning the 5-Star Title in a TLC match against Gabrial Ranae, Nik VanCore and Uncensored.

PRIME Yearly Awards
The annual PRIME awards are typically given out on a fall-to-summer cycle, with the eligible period starting around September/October of the first year (pending arc schedules) and ending around August of the following year.

Wrestler of the Year
2005-06: Tchu
2006-07: Nova
2007-08: (tie) Tyler Rayne and Chandler Tsonda
2008-09: Jason Snow

Face of the Year
2005-06: Nova
2006-07: Lindsay Troy
2007-08: Chandler Tsonda
2008-09: Tyler Rayne

Heel of the Year
2005-06: Tyler Nelson
2006-07: Sonny Silver
2007-08: Xavier Kannon
2008-09: Devin Shakur

Tag Team of the Year
2005-06: The A-List (Danny Ferguson, Chandler Tsonda & The Illustrious Face-Eater)
2006-07: Lindsay Troy & Danny Ferguson
2007-08: Team VIAGRA
2008-09: Wolves of Slaughter

Breakout Star
2005-06: Tony Gamble
2006-07: Wade Elliott
2007-08: (tie) Tyler Rayne and Cozen
2008-09: Chainz

Best Comedy Character
2005-06: The Illustrious Face-Eater
2006-07: Mr. Silver, Chairman Of PRIME
2007-08: The Cabinet (C.P. Cantrell, Dametreyus Fuqueiawytas, Nova, Sonny Silver and El Hombre Mexicano Estupendo)
2008-09: Tony Gamble

Match of the Year
2005-06: (tie) Ignatius Lisieux(c) vs Karina Wolfenden; "HoF Title" Match (Colossus III)
(tie) Killean Sirrajinę Vs Tchu; Universal Title Match (Colossus III)
2006-07: Nova (c) vs. Tchu vs. Tony "The Grin" Gamble; Universal Title Match (UltraViolence 2007)
2007-08: The Dual Halo
2008-09: Jason Snow vs. Kaiser Vashaun (Colossus VI)

Show of the Year
2005-06: Colossus III
2006-07: Colossus IV
2007-08: Colossus V Night Two
2008-09: Colossus VI

Segment of the Year
2005-06: Nova & The Illustrious Face-Eater Interaction (ReVolution 100)
2006-07: "Merry Christmas (And Fuck You)" (King Of Kings 2006)
2007-08: (3-way tie) Wake, The Rate Race & The Paper Chase, Slouching Towards Colossus
2008-09: Shiny Shiny Gold (ReVolution 203)

Feud of the Year
2005-06: Killean Sirrajin Vs. Tchu
2006-07: Lindsay Troy vs. Sonny Silver
2007-08: Lindsay Troy vs. Cozen
2008-09: Jason Snow vs. Kaiser Vashaun

Moment of the Year
2005-06: Chet Worth Wins the Dual Halo (Culture Shock 2006)
2006-07: Nova & Tchu leave PRIME (Colossus IV)
2007-08: Kannon blinds Rhine (ROLOVolution [ReVolution 163])
2008-09: Garbage Bag Johnny wins the Dual Halo (Culture Shock 2009)

Other Honors
Jewel In The Crown
The Jewel In The Crown tournament is held every fall, with the semifinals and finals happening during the same night at the King of Kings show. A singles tournament held under single-elimination rules, the JiTC often launches the winner to instant stardom in PRIME, starting with a guaranteed Universal Title shot.
2003: Ian English
2004: Munson
2005: Tchu
2006: Tony Gamble
2007: Chandler Tsonda
2008: Jason Snow
2009: Brandon Youngblood

Dual Halo
Held annually at Culture Shock, the first major event of the calendar year, the Dual Halo is a massive match featuring two separate rings encased by plexiglas columns (the Halos). A new wrestler enters the structure at intervals, and the match continues until all but one are eliminated by pinfall or submission. The winner of the Dual Halo is granted the infamous "Golden Ticket", guaranteeing them one wish with no limitations on what they can cash it in for.
2004: Ian English
2005: Karina Wolfenden
2006: Chet Worth
2007: Tchu
2008: Tyler Rayne
2009: Garbage Bag Johnny
2010: Vangelus Olsig

Choose Your Own Destiny
Killean Sirrajin


Where's the fun in easy?
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Location: Tokyo
Date: Post-Collossus - Many Months Later
The Deal with the Deadline
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Location: @ Colossus vs. ???
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Crisis on Alternate Earths
By: Tyler Rayne
Location: There and Here
Date: Colossus
Where the Road Ends (Singles Match vs. Tyler Rayne, Colossus VIII)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: From Chicago to Cambridge
Date: Fall, 2012
The Re-Build (Tag Team Match with Chandler Tsonda vs. Tyler Nelson & Devin Shakur, ReVolution: The Last Stand)
By: Wade Elliott
Location: Phoenix, DC, Massachusetts, and all places in-between
Date: From 248 to The Last Stand
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