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[To Sun Tzu] "You're the one jumping around like a ninny, half-starved for attention because your box is about as dry as the Gobi Desert and you have no one to make a river run through it."

Lindsay Troy

Title: Where's the fun in easy?
Featuring: Katt Wylde
Date: Post-Collossus - Many Months Later
Location: Tokyo

It was many months since Collosus wrapped and PRIME officially closed its doors. The wrestling career of Katterina Wylde was over. And now she can focus on her life...as crazy and insane as it has been since pretty much the day it was born. She hadn't had contact with Tyler Rayne or anyone for a long ass time. She had resigned to the shadows. It'd take a detective to find her. Or a former ninja assassin.

Milena Takahashi had tracked down her friend to a large abandoned church on the outskirts of the city of Tokyo. She seemed to have vanished off the face of the earth. No-one, not even her most trusted of friends knew her whereabouts. Milena had used her tracking skills to find out where Katterina was situated...and she had finally found her. Milena scoffed at th

Milena: "You're getting sloppy, Katt."

"Not me, sugarbear."

Milena turns around and is face to face with The Dark Angel, who gives her a warm embrace. Milena smiles with slight shock but not surprise as...well, Katt does that shit all the time.

Milena: "I haven't seen you in months. How have you been?"

Katt: "Five-by-five, babe. I guess you went to some great lengths to find me. Come on in."

The pair enter the shack, and sat down on a pew. Milena looked around at the rundown church as Katt smiled at her.

Katt: "So...what do ya think?"

Milena: "It's kind of a shithole."

Katt: "True that. But it's a shithole with potential. I'll get a stripper pole, some flat screens, some nice furniture...it'll be a fuckin' palace."

Milena: "You had me at 'stripper pole'. But why did you just take off like that? You didn't say a word to Roxy, Tyler...not even me. Ty thinks you're dead, for fuck sake."

Katt: "Hated doin' it, but it had to be done. I'm bein' hunted now."

Milena: "You had a successful career as a wrestler on international television. You were hiding in plain sight for years. They could've found you anytime."

Katt: "Yeah, well..."

Milena just shakes her head and smiles at the Dark Angel.

Milena: "I'm certain you're safe."

"She's right Katt, you are perfectly safe."

Katt: "DOES NOBODY FUCKING KNOCK ANYMORE?! Holy shit...Knight? How the fuck did you find me?"

Agent Daniel Knight The father of a former wrestling protege of Katterina's by the name of Shalimar. Knight keeps tabs on Katt at all times, keeping a watchful eye on her from a distance... upuntil a few years ago when he left his detective job at the LAPD and move on up to the FBI. Since then, he's been tasked with other important missions.

Knight: "I'm one of the few who know you all too well, Katt. I can still call you Katt, can't I? And Ms. Takahashi is correct. You are quite safe. The project was buried years ago and they found the body of a genetically modified woman in the burning remains of one of your father's labs. She was of a similar build and description to you, so nothing further came of it and any documentation or single sign Project: Angel's existence was completely destroyed and the surviving scientists involved signed legal waivers stating that they are to never speak of what went on. There is however one one small piece which I kept...and I will destroy, but I think you should read it. It relates to an old friend of yours."

He hands her a folder, which she accepts and begins to read.

Katt: "A friend?"

Knight: "Sarcasm. Trust me on that."

She reads on and as she does so, her eyes widen with horror. Milena looks worried and places a hand delicately on Katt's shoulder.


Knight: "I'm afraid so. That'd explain the heightened strength, senses and all that good stuff. But it gets worse...read on."

Katt's stunned into silence by what the document says about the experiments conducted upon her. She cannot believe what she is reading. One sentence springs out immediatey...

"The blood of the subject - who refers to himself by the name Se7yn - is perfect for Project: Angel, and will be implimented into the experimentation immediately."

Milena consoles her, as Knight picks up the documentation and strikes a match, setting the folder alight.

Knight: "When Se7yn says you're his daughter, this is what he means. He was captured by your father's research team when they knew of his existence in this world. They wanted his blood for various projects. Meaning..."

Milena: "Meaning that Se7yn's blood is running through Katt's veins as a result of this 'Project: Angel', yes?"

Knight: "Precisely. But despite that, the project, your father and in the minds of the people who greenlit this project you're all dead. You're free. And you have the ability to do whatever the hell you want to do.

Milena watches the folder burn, and looks up at Knight. He smiles at the ninja before turning to Katterina...but his happy expression turns to sadness.

Katt: "What's wrong?"

Knight: "There's another reason I tracked you down. I need your help. My daughter...she..."

Katt: "Shalimar? What's wrong?"

Knight: "She's missing. I've tried everything. Exhausted every resource. You're the only person I can turn to. I know how much Shalimar means to you."

The Dark Angel says nothing. She rises to her feet from the pew and begins to pace back and forth. She stops all of a sudden and turns to face Knight. Her eyes wash black in rage.

Katt: "I'll find her for you, Knight. Or I'll fuckin' die in the process. Any idea who has her?"

Knight: "I shook down that asshole Snake that you usually beat the crap out of. After some convincing, he told me that he heard that The Black Lotus Society have her."

Milena: "My former clan..."

Katterina, still enraged, clenches her fist tightly. So tightly in fact, that small droplets of blood fall on the ground. She turns around and punches a wall, leaving a dent in the brick work. Heightened strength, yo.

Katt: "Your brother still the leader, 'Lena?"

Milena: "Yeah..."

Katt: "Then in that case, if he has Shal...I hope you don't mind when I fucking dismember him. You two hang out here. I'm headin' to Kyoto."

Knight: "Katt...let us come with...where the fuck...?"

Katterina had disappeared. Milena and Knight collectively threw their hands up in the air, and he joined her on the pew.

Knight: "I wish she wouldn't do that!"

Milena: "You get used to it after a few years. But don't worry...she'll get your daughter back. No matter the cost."

One chapter ends, another begins. The life of a Dark Angel is never easy. But hey...where's the fun in easy?

The End...?
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