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[To Sun Tzu] "You're the one jumping around like a ninny, half-starved for attention because your box is about as dry as the Gobi Desert and you have no one to make a river run through it."

Lindsay Troy

[1.1] Roleplays -

PRIME is a roleplay federation, meaning that the winners of the majority of matches are based on the roleplays posted by the competitors. PRIME was one of the first federations to apply to 1SW (One Shot Wrestling) principle, where matches are decided by one roleplay vs. one roleplay, although any number of character development pieces may be posted at any time. Although PRIME would be classed as a pure roleplay federation, stories play a large part in the success of the character, despite not being factored strongly into the match judging. It is the stories that are told with characters that are usually remembered ahead of any roleplay, and it will take a certain ability to carry an angle through segments and on-show interaction to reach the upper echelons of PRIME.

Here is an outline to follow...

  • One roleplay only will count for a match.

  • Any number of character development roleplays may be posted at any time.

  • All match roleplays must be original material, meaning pieces written for other feds or for events such as PTC's GTT or Infinite Gauntlet may only be posted as character development. Recycling of other RPs to be used as PRIME match RPs and recycling of PRIME RPs to be used as competitive RPs in other places is not permitted.

  • Plagiarism is SEVERELY frowned upon in PRIME. All work must be your own. Outside sources must be cited correctly. Anyone caught stealing others' work will be harshly dealt with.

  • Your roleplays reflect life, and life isn't always pretty and polite, but avoid going overboard for shock-value alone.

  • Size and gender don't matter in PRIME.

Whoever is judging PRIME roleplays does not provide a feedback service. It is accepted e-fed courtesy to take a loss on the chin, even if you feel you should have won. PRIME expects its writers to be able to spin as good a story from a loss as from a huge victory.

[1.2] Characters

PRIME is a federation for created wrestlers. Any applications from Chris Jericho, CM Punk or HHH will be automatically rejected. Also, the character must belong to you. Anyone found copying another character or stealing another's work will be instantly fired, with no explanations listened to. PRIME has no objection to a handler using his PRIME character in another promotion, so long as the place in question is a reputable fed.

[1.3] Reputation

PRIME rewards hard work, creativity, and ability. If you have a reputation for these, then show it to us... don't expect us to bow down to past achievements. Just as many handlers who came from nowhere have achieved great things in PRIME as 'big-name' handlers who came in with a bucket-load of hype.

[1.4] Inactivity

A break is only a PM/IM/E-Mail away. If time away is needed, just give staff a heads up, and the character will be removed from shows in whichever way the handler wishes. If a handler vanishes with no notice, his character will simply be left off TV, and provided there is still a good working relationship, the character will be welcomed back. But, while PRIME will try to welcome people back, anyone testing patience by leaving, joining another fed, returning, retiring, un-retiring, leaving, joining another fed, returning etc. will likely find any returns to PRIME blocked.

[1.5] OOC

The majority of PRIME's handlers are at an age, and experience in the hobby, where they no longer have any time for OOC heels, forum trolls, and attention seeking prima-donnas. PRIME staff will always put the effort in to help run the promotion for those here to tell a story, enjoy friendly competition, and interact with some of the best writers in the RP circle. What they are not happy to do is take abuse from people partaking in a free hobby, or have to police petty OOC spats. If you insult staff, needlessly/maliciously abuse other members, or in any way bring down PRIME's image in the eyes of others, then expect to be looking for a new fed in the very near future.

[1.6] Applications

For the past couple years PRIME has openly accepted applications for both tag and singles characters, even during a period of time where a "hiring freeze" of sorts has been in effect. PRIME staff encourages applications for both old and new characters (and from old and new handlers). There is no current application section on the website, but a link to the form can be found here: PRIME Application

Please be advised that the current staff of PRIME strongly discourages any applicants from coming in under an assumed identity WITHOUT consulting us first. Discovery will result in firing.

[1.7] Primetime Central

PRIME is a proud to be an affiliate of PTC. PTC's owner Argyle, aka Ross, is highly respected by PRIME staff as are the efforts he, Pete Speer and others have put into PTC events such as the Global Title Tournament, the Infinite Gauntlet and the GTT Tournaments. We don't expect all our members to be fans of the place, but no bashing of the community or its staff will be tolerated on the PRIME website. Also, if you choose to join any tournaments hosted on PTC and feel that your judging was unfair, it has no place on the PRIME forums. PRIME staff also expects that any obligations to PRIME would be first priority over any outside tournament obligations.

[1.8] Hierarchy

Below is the basic structure of the staff set-up in PRIME

  • The non-active staffers.

    • Sebs: Founder and former fedhead. Still a PRIME admin, although his visits are few and far between.

  • The active staffers.

    • Chris Smith: Fedhead. Responsible for booking, matchwriting, event production and the final say on rule making.

    • Lindz: Second in command and the fedhead prior to Chris. Responsible for board and website administration, event production and talent relations. Her say goes when Chris isn't available.

    • Mattchu: Former fedhead. Responsible for board administration and fed promotion.

    • Darryl: Responsible for graphic design, board administration and fed promotion.

[1.9] Expectations

In closing, the PRIME staff expects you to enjoy yourself, and to appreciate the hobby of e-fedding for what it is. Nobody is here to be famous, no money is changing hands, and nobody is giving up anything that actually matters to go above and beyond their commitments to PRIME. PRIME isn't one of the promotions with 15 staff members, right down from 6 VP's to deputy assistant of secondary talent relations. All that is asked of members is that they make a healthy contribution to PRIME on the RP board, the shows, and the OOC atmosphere. In return, we'll do all be can to help make the experience all the more enjoyable.


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