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Angelo Deville

Real Name:Angelo Deville
Nicknames:The Deville, The Crimson Angel, The Cadillac of Wrestling (or Wrestling's Cadillac), The Devil's Don, The Devilish One, Angie (affectionately or mockingly), Teh D3v1ll3 (by Sebs on the boards >=)
Birthdate:May 17th, 1978
Weight:241 lbs

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Singles Record:Wins:7 || Losses: 3 || Draw:0 || NC: 2
Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Methodical; Submissionist; Condescending
Finisher:The Soprano
Finisher Description:When opponent is lying face-up, Deville grabs their ankles and places his feet against their crotch, then heaves and rolls back onto his shoulder-blades, thrusting his legs straight and perpendicular to the mat. The end result has the opponent perched atop Deville’s feet, with Deville pulling down on the ankles to intensify the pain and hold the victim in place.
Setup:Pumphandle Piledriver
Special Moves:See Matchwriting Aids
Entrance Music:

Championships / Awards

Titles:Tag Team Champion (with Justin Williamson)
Awards:3rd Place in 2005 Dual Halo (Debut Match); Jewel in the Crown 2006 Finalist; Wrestler of the Night (ReV 57, ReV 67, ReV 68); #2-5 Wrestler of the Night too many times to count; Ranked 2nd for Character of the Year (2004-2005); Ranked 2nd for Roleplayer of the Year (2004-2005)
Other Fed Titles:
Other Fed Awards:WEEF Television Champion (undefeated), WEEF Internet Champion (retired the title on the night he won it), WEEF Hardcore Champion (forfeited), WEEF Extreme Champion, WEEF World Tag Team Champions (w/ Apocalypse, aka Charlie Loc), WEEF World Champion (undefeated); WIW Television Champion (undefeated); PWA Number One Student three weeks running, with his fourth and final week spent at number two; FSW Primetime Champion (undefeated); Represented FSW at PCW Alliances ’02; Won GTT3; Undefeated in Universal Round Robin (cancelled); Undefeated in RPG4 (cancelled); Quarterfinalist in GTT4; Won Face Off (belie' dat, playa); Ranked 86th, 53rd, 11th, and 1st successively in the WO Bi-Monthly Rankings; #3 Feud of the Year in WO for 2002 (w/Jason O'Neil); Ranked 2nd in PTC Monthly Rankings for June 2005; Inaugural Universal Champion; 2005 PTC Wrestler of the Year (suck it, Rollins >=)

Short Bio

He R evil! 3V1L~! I'll start writing in the backstory fairly soon. Give me a while to sort it all out. In the meantime, here's his professional match record: Deville’s career matc... More...


  • Speak of The Deville . . . and you disappear.
  • That was as American as double-penetration.
  • If you don't at least start trying to entertain, I'm going to come up there and execute the abortion your mother forgot. - Ultra Violence
  • I hired you to follow me down to the ring to give guys like Byron a sex-life, to distract my opponents and help me win matches where possible, not to run my fucking life. If I wanted that, I'd fake a fucking back injury and retire. - Ultra Violence, to then-manager Eleanor Kannon-Hall
  • I said ">=)".<BR>- ReVolution 106

Latest Appearance

Year End Extravaganza : 2007

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Main Rival

Xavier Kannon
Mentor turned tormentor.

Main Ally

The Wyatt Earp to my Doc Holliday.


Other Characers:Fuck You

PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!