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Real Name:Von Kelsig
Nicknames:The Murder Show
Hometown:Detroit, MI

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Singles Record:Wins:20 || Losses: 11 || Draw:2 || NC: 3
Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Hardcore Powerhouse
Finisher:The Hellevator
Finisher Description:Canadian Backbreaker Rack to Ganso Bomb
Setup:Over the Shoulder Chinlock to Canadian Backbreaker Rack
Special Moves:See Matchwriting Aids
Entrance Music:

Championships / Awards

Titles:2x Universal Champion, 1x Intense Champion
Other Fed Titles:1x PTC Elite Champion, 1x PTC Global Champion, 2x OSW Tag Team Champion, 2x OSW Hardcore Champion, 2x NTICW U.S. Champion
Other Fed Awards:May '02 Impact Player w/ Azrael Cain, OSW Heel Of The Year 2002, #3 Best Match of 2003 (H&H vs. Ronin - GoHPoH Tag Title Match), NTICW Damnedest Move of 2001, Global Title Tournament 2 Semi Finalist, EW-24/7 2002 Most Favourite Wrestler, EW-24/7 2002 Best Interviewee: Minion The Imp

Short Bio

The ancestry of Hessian goes back to the 18th century. During the American Revolution, England sought resources from the German state of Hesse-Cassel in the form of 17,000 Hessian soldiers, over the c... More...


  • Welcome to the Murder Show!
  • Hardcore 'Til I Die.

Latest Appearance

Colossus : VIII

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Main Rival

The Monster from Hell's Kitchen believes he is the one true Monster of PRIME. While it appeared for a few months that he was Hessian's ally, behind the scenes Chainz has been systematically dismantling the giant in hopes of crushing him and taking his rightful place at the top of the food chain. Many despicable acts by Sloan have worn Hessian down to less than a man, and with the assist to Devin Shakur at King of Kings has made his feelings known.

Now Hessian has been backed into a corner. He has nothing. No woman, no Hardcore ability and more importantly no more allies. The Murder Show must do or die. This, without a doubt, is his greatest challenge yet.

How do you stop something that in essence cannot be stopped?

Main Ally

Allies TBA.


Other Characers:PRIMEvil

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