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Mr. Silver, Sports Entertainment Liasion of PRIME

Real Name:Sonny Gabriel Silver
Nicknames:The Silver Lining, God-King of Wrestling, King of the Ladder Match (What? >=) ), The Five-Star Ring General
Weight:249 lbs
Hometown:Honolulu, Hawaii by way of Seattle, Washington

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Singles Record:Wins:13 || Losses: 9 || Draw:1 || NC: 2
Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Management Hard-Style: Fuckin' Badass.
Finisher Description:
Special Moves:Hitting you until you die from it.
Entrance Music:

Championships / Awards

Titles:The Intense Championship, Universal Championship (November 4th-January 30th)
Awards:Universal Champion, Intense Champion, Heel of the Year, 2007. Comedy Character of the Year, 2007. Best feud of the year, 2007 (You're welcome, Lindz! Takes a nice guy like me to make a putz like you INTERESTING!), PRIME's Most Awesome and Most Fucking Coolest Hall of Famer Ever. (HEY, LINDZ! GO SUCK IT! MAYBE YOU'RE PWNTASTIC IN THE "I MAKE JOKES ONLY AROUND THE HORN FANS GET!" HALL OF FAME, BUT HERE, YOU AIN'T SHIT!!)
Other Fed Titles:tSC Championship, fWo Tag Team Championship
Other Fed Awards:former ACW Commissioner, The Mark 2004 Co-Heel of the Year w/Craig Miles, The Mark 2005 Tag Team of the Year with Lindsay Troy.

Short Bio

Mr. Silver, Sports Entertainment Liaison of PRIME. "...a clinical sociopath... the description of which is fully elaborated on only within the confines of his deranged psyche. -C.P. Cantr... More...


  • You couldn't touch my shit unless I paid you to clean my toilet!

Latest Appearance

ReVolution : 200: Power Play

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Main Rival

Xavier Kannon
Your overhyped, under-talented reign of terror will soon end at Captain Justice's hand. Count on it, bitch.

Main Ally

Captain Justice
My star and pupil, my pride and joy, and the man that will single-handedly lead the new guard of Sports Entertainment to glory.


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