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Jason Snow

Real Name:Jason Snow
Nicknames:The Original Villain
Birthdate:May 15, 1979
Hometown:Backwater, Canada

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Singles Record:Wins:19 || Losses: 4 || Draw:1 || NC: 1
Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Balanced, with high flying tendencies
Finisher:X-Rated (offense) or Snake Eyes (defense)
Finisher Description:X-Rated - Top rope moonsault. Snake Eyes - Super kick
Special Moves:
Entrance Music:

Championships / Awards

Titles:Universal Championship, 5-Star Championship (x2)
Awards:Seg of the Year (2007), Jewel in the Crown Winner (2008), Longest Reining Universal Champion
Other Fed Titles:PTC Unified Champion, PTC IG Champion, PCW World Heavyweight Champion (x4), PCW Rising Star Champion, UWLM Television Champion, SIW North American Champion (x2), SIW European Champion
Other Fed Awards:GTT6 Champion, PCW Hall of Fame, SIW Hall of Fame

Short Bio

Little is known about Jason Snow's private life, but his wrestling accolades speak for themselves. Starting out in a small, regional promotion based in eastern Canada, Snow quickly showed an apt... More...


  • The mere SIGHT of me has been KNOWN to cause ORGASMS!
  • Oh my Greatness!

Latest Appearance

Culture Shock : 2010: Night Two

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Main Rival

Kaiser Vashaun

Main Ally

Allies TBA.


Other Characers:Fuck You

PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!