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Real Name:Matt Ward
Nicknames:The Inhuman Being, PRIME's Wrecking Ball
Birthdate:August 19, 1976
Hometown:Dayton, OH

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Singles Record:Wins:20 || Losses: 12 || Draw:0 || NC: 2
Manager / Valet:n/a
Wrestling Style:Technical/Brawler
Finisher:The Downfall
Finisher Description:A sleeping neckbreaker. Tchu locks his opponent in a sleeper hold, then, keeping the sleeper hold in place, he quickly drops to the mat pulling his opponent with him, driving the back of their skull into the mat with devastating force
Special Moves:Broken Soul - A sit-out gutwrench powerbomb
Entrance Music:

Championships / Awards

Titles:Universal Champion (x 3), Intense Champion, Former Tag Team Champion (with Clint Poteet!)
Awards:Jewel In The Crown Winner (2005), Dual Halo Runner-Up (2006), Dual Halo Winner (2007), Weekly top 5 (numerous times), Wrestler of the Night (multiple times), 2006 Wrestler of the Year, 2006 feud of the year (Vs Killean Sirrajin), 2006 Co-Match of the year (Vs Sirrajin)
Other Fed Titles:N4O Tag Team Champion, tU Immortality Champion, R4W World Heavyweight Champion, PTC Infinite Gauntlet Champion, PTC Unified Champion, (PTC) Elite Champion
Other Fed Awards:

Short Bio

Match History 31-14-2 ReV 75: Tchu def. Smitty T. Duluth (JITC Opening Round) ReV 76: Tchu, Karina Wolfenden, and Nerezza def. Aimz, Juan Santos, and Rampage ReV... More...


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Latest Appearance

Colossus : VIII

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Main Rival

After the night of Colossus III, as a new champ ushered in a new era, another man said goodbye to a close friend (who had blown up in the middle of the ring…. Yeah) and started his march towards destiny.

‘The Rising Star’ vowed to capture the one prize that had alluded him during his amazing career. The most coveted prize in the industry… the Universal Championship.

In the weeks following CIII, The Rising Star and the newly crowned champion, The Inhuman Being, formed what appeared to be a friendship based on a foundation of solid teamwork. A common thorn in the side by the name of Vangelus Olsig led the two very different personalities to come together in an effort to rid of their shared enemy.

Over the weeks, as they attempted to watch each other’s backs, Tchu and Nova seemingly began to bond… despite the fact that The Rising Star was the type of guy who liked to enjoy the occasional joint and Tchu was the type of guy who thought a joint was his knee.

At The Great American Nightmare, a triple threat match took place for the Universal Championship between Olsig, Nova, and Tchu. For Olsig and Nova, is was supposed to be their night to achieve greatness and claim their destiny. But on that night… Tchu showed that the destiny of other men could be overcome. He emerged victorious after a hard fought battle that saw both Olsig and Nova come within mere inches of realizing their dream.

With The Great American Nightmare in the books, The Inhuman Being focused his attention on the new problem in PRIME… FU… and faction of wrestlers as legendary as they were vile. In a moment that brought PRIMEates to their feet, Tchu became the first superstar to stand up to the team of Deville, Snow, and Rollins… and made it perfectly clear that he was tired of their act, and he wasn’t the only one.

In a moment of perfect timing, The Rising Star’s music ripped through the arena and he stepped forward from the back to take his place by the side…

… of FU.

Livid with the thought of having to work his way through the JITC tournament for a rematch, and not forgetting his past with Angelo Deville, Nova joined the three legends and promised that he would claim his destiny at King of Kings and take the Universal Title from around the waist of The Inhuman Being.


Two men who had formed what seemed to be a friendship under the stress of a common enemy.

Two men who became enemies under a common desire. Lusting for Gold. Striving for Immortality.

Main Ally

Killean Sirrajin
It's a long story. Check Darryl's bio. Oh, wait... his says "long story" too?


Other Characers:Gerald Barrett
Thomas C. Robinson
Kaiser Vashaun

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