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"Not on my watch, Dawkins. You wanted a mentor? I’m mentoring right the fuck now, telling you that you’re gonna stay in PRIME, stay in the Roulette, and soon enough you’re gonna wear those cheesy motherfucking 'Best Dad Alive' shirts because that’s the type of stupidly good dude that you are!"-ReV 175

Chandler Tsonda

PPV Preview

PRIME's final show ... ever.

Coming October 14, 2012, from Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois

Troy Douglas vs. Kaiser Vashaun

High Flyer vs. Tony Davis

Hessian vs. ? ? ?

Killean Sirrajin vs. Devin Shakur vs. Nitz Donnelly

Chandler Tsonda vs. Tyler Nelson

Wade Elliott vs. Tyler Rayne

Tchu vs. Lindsay Troy

PLUS: The last-ever Hall of Fame induction class.
PRIME: Seven years of excellence! Live on HBO!